“0250 Sec. Faster: Mercedes’Wonder Box”

According to Mercedes Chief of Technology James Allison, the revised silver arrow side boxes for Formula One season 2018 for a time gain of 0, 250 seconds per lap.

With the even more radical cola bottle design and the slimmer construction of the W09 in the field of drive train and transmission aerodynamic improvements would have been achieved in the rear of the car, it is said in the paddock. It really was a hell of a job,”says Allison.

Even though the innovations are hard to see with the naked eye, Allison praises the aesthetics of the new boulder, which, according to her own statement, has given him many gray hair:”The result can be seen, but more importantly, he is also a whole corner faster. The car from last year would be hopelessly lost and would be blown away by it.”

Mercedes builds on the new front suspension and the cross-connectors installed above control the air flow on and under the chassis in such a way that the side boxes are operated aerodynamically perfectly. Go to plan, wave more drift and more performance.” There’s news all over the car, every visible part. We have discovered new solutions for ourselves,”says Allison. Although the individual steps are very small, in sum they are of enormous value.