A hard day for Vettel and Ferrari

In Suzuka still surprisingly in the wind, Ferrari could not meet the high expectations during the Austin training air act. It’s been a hard day,”Sebastian Vettel sighs. The car is a bit nervous in all areas, I’m not quite feeling well yet.”And Kimi also admits:”We haven’t found a balance.”

How does that end up? With 0820-second lag on top-time Lewis Hamilton and thus six-tenths behind the fastest red-bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo in fourth place, it was enough with a lag of 1, 507 seconds even for the tenth rank.

But the Finnish has an explanation for this: “I got off the track in the last part of the round”, he plays on his attempt with the supersoft mix. “I have lost the track in the last part of the round,” he says. That’s why time wasn’t so competitive.”After his ride, the Finnish sparkled:”The car is pretty bad in the back.”Also, no encouraging radio call.

Broken rear-view mirror and penalty point for Vettel

Vettel’s delay on Ricciardo suggests, however, Ferrari has now clearly fallen behind the direct opponent by place two in the designer’s World Cup. This was due to problems in the morning session. When Vettel broke over the edge of the stone, the Bat-Wing broke, which was no longer fastened under the chassis as in Suzuka, but on the bottom.” He loosened himself and then smashed the mirror,”says Vettel.

The four-time World Champion held the right rear-view mirror still with his left hand, but a bigger repair was necessary.”The four-time World Champion held the right rear-view mirror still with his left hand. We have therefore lost training time,”explains the Ferrari pilot. This has had an effect in the afternoon: we were always behind and are still not completely satisfied with the balance.”In addition to all excess he received a warning and his first penalty point, because at the boxing entrance he had passed outside instead of inside a poller.

At the long runs Vettel withdrew with a personal best mark of 1:42.1 minutes (four tenths behind Ricciardo’s best time, but even two tenths before the best Mercedes pilot Nico Rosberg) respectable from the affair, But there is also a possible explanation: while Red Bull and Mercedes completed their long runs at the beginning of training, The Scuderia carried this out only at the end and possibly with empty tanks.

Does Ferrari have a chance in Austin against Red Bull?

Resignation is not announced at Vettel: He believes that Ferrari also has a “chance” against Red Bull in Austin. Today they were very fast, there is no doubt about that. Tomorrow it will certainly be very close and in view of their current speed it will also be difficult to be at eye level with them. But we will see another Ferrari tomorrow, so today,”he announces. We can improve.”

Where does he want to start?” We still slide a little bit, partly over the front, partly over the rear wheels. From the distance, this also ensures that At the beginning of the second Free Train with a duel against Fernando Alonso he thought the much faster McLaren pilots were able to get behind him –at least for a little increase in the Ferrari box.

Despite the unsuccessful search for the optimal balance he strives for “I wouldn’t make a big story out of it. This is just the normal setup work: sometimes you get it done, sometimes you don’t.”Ferrari hasn’t found a”big problem”, but just hasn’t found the right compromise:”We try to understand the whole thing and get it the way we want it. Mercedes and Red Bull look strong, if we get the setup done, it should go well.”