After BVB-goodbye: Ex-colleague blabbering about aprons

After his departure from the football leaguer Borussia Dortmund, Andre Schrrrle did not exactly cover himself with glory in his first performance for FC Fulham. And then the former BVB player also had to let a bit of comment slip by a former player.

At a gala of the magazine “11Friends”, former pro Stefan Reinartz, who played between 2011 and 2013 together with Andre Schurrle at Bayer Leverkusen, was allowed to hold a laudatio on Leon Bailey, who was awarded the “Newcomer of the season” that night. Reinartz made a small but distinct turn towards the apron.

“Leon is a player who gets you into the stadium,” Reinartz said in his speech about Bailey: “He excites his own fans and he radiates so much joy in the game that he can even inspire opposing fans. He is something like the opposite of Andre Schrrrle.”

How or if Schrrrle has taken up the spell is not handed down. In the festival hall Reinartz, however, made a great laughingstock.