After S04-Return: How does Schalke plan with Howedes?

On Wednesday, the former captain Benedikt Howedes returned to training FC Schalke 04. As with the defensive player, however, it remains open.

According to information from the “picture” Schalke’s head trainer Domenico Tedesco plans again with Howedes in team training from Thursday. On his return to the training grounds, the World Champion of 2014 had only completed an individual unit and medical tests. If all the values taken are correct, a temporary return to team training is not in the way.

And then? It seems impossible that Howedes under Tedesco, who had already sorted him out sportingly a year ago, will play a role again. On the contrary, rumors persist in Gelsenkirchen that it could drive the defender towards Stuttgart.

A switch to the upcoming VfB seems conceivable for several reasons: On the one hand, the 44-fold national player would fit well into the Schwaben requirement profile, who could well imagine an experienced and not too expensive new access.

On the other hand, Howedes, like the VfB actors Targets, Castro, Thommy and Kempf, is represented by the consultant agency “SportsTotal”. The lines to the national capital are accordingly short.

Only three mandatory games in 2017/2018

The fact that there is already a serious exchange between VfB Sports Board Michael Reschke, FC Schalke and the player side is not confirmed, The 30-year-old himself had recently emphasized on several occasions that he would definitely like to come back to suitable playing times in the coming season. After his departure to Juventus Turin, he completed only three mandatory games from several injuries thrown back in the last season.