After the Schalke-Aus: This is what Christian Heidel does now

Following the announced resignation of Christian Heidel as Sports Chairman of FC Schalke 04, the search for a successor is in full swing.

While officials Michael Reschke, Jonas Boldt, Klaus Allofs or Horst Heldt are discussed as possible successor solutions on Schalke, The question arises: What is Christian Heidel doing now?

On the day of the announcement of his resignation on Saturday, the 55-year-old announced that he would henceforth withdraw from the public and only wish to be on the side of FC Schalke until the end of the season.

As the “picture” reports, Heidel put this announcement into effect and after the embarrassing Schalker Gastspiel at FSV Mainz (0:3) chose the plane towards Mallorca instead of going back to Gelsenkirchen.

After further information on the sheet, the manager is to plan a longer stay on the Balearic Island, First of all, to get out of the public eye.

Heidel’s workplace already cleared last Friday

At FC Schalke Heidel still has some duties to perform. In this way, he will be involved in the search for a suitable successor to the Sports Board post and will be responsible in particular for training the person in his new fields of activity. At the latest by the end of the week, the retired S04-Maker is scheduled to strike again in the Ruhr area.

Incidentally, according to the “Image” report, Heidel is expected to have cleared his workplace at the Schalker office by Friday, even before clearing the Supervisory Board chairmen Clemens Tonnies and head coach Domenico Tedesco about informed his resignation.