Alonso defends against Vandoorne’s accusation

Fernando Alonso is known for being able to draw a racing team to his side. This property was recently reproached to him by his former Formula One teammate at McLaren, Stoffel Vandoorne.

There were always two or three people on the team who made sure everything went as Fernando wanted it to go,”Vandoorne had said a few days ago. But Alonso does not want to know about such accusations and contrasts with examples from both the WEC and formula 1.

When he joined the Toyota factory team in the long-distance World Cup (WEC) in the course of his Formula One time at McLaren to form together with Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima the driver’s trio of ’35;8 Toyota, If it was him who made the mistakes.

Example 1: Teamwork in the WEC

“It was no problem for me to exchange information with these guys, because of course they had a lot of experience that I did not have,” said Alonso and more: “I learned a lot from them from the first day of the test. They knew the car, the route and the approach to long-distance racing. I was the one who made the mistakes and I was the one who asked the questions.”

Alonso/Buemi/Nakajima cooperation was crowned with great success over a year and a half. In addition to two total victories at the 24-hour Le Mans (2018 and 2019), the trio has won the World Cup title in the year-long WEC season 2018/19.

Example 2: Teamwork in formula 1

But Alonso disputes the accusations that he is “stubborn” not only with the example WEC. The Spaniard also cites formula 1 as an example to underline the opposite. I think the reputation you have is one thing. The facts are different,”says Alonso, to refer to this year’s team-meeting with his former employer Ferrari.

“When you see teammates driving each other into cars or other things and then comparing them to the recordings from my time, you find, that I gave wind shades in Monza and Spa. I know how this works. So when you talk about the call, you should first check the facts.”

Alonso refers on the one hand to the intra-team Ferrari collision between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc at the Brazilian Grand Prix. On the other hand, he refers to the qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix when Vettel and Leclerc disagreed on the issue of mutual wind shadow support.