Alonso despite square 13 relatively optimistic

After three zero numbers in a row Fernando Alonso finally wants to realize WM points again. The conditions before the Grand Prix of Austria 2018 in Spielberg are rather moderate.

In qualifying, the Spanish Formula One superstar only made it to place 13. Alonso tried everything in the time hunt, squeezed out the McLaren like a lemon and in the end even went beyond the limit. When he rode over the baguettes in the last corner he damaged his front wing.

“Well,” he says. In Q1 my rounds were good, in Q2 the first was good. In the last round I was two tenths slower than before. I wanted to try everything again in the last two turns, but then there was the limit. The only reason the damage was caused was because I was frustrated. Alonso had previously remained harmless in the training, unlike many competitors.

“Points are the goal”

“I think I got everything from the package today. And square 13 is the best result after Barcelona and Monaco. In Australia and China and so on, I have always been only in rank 15. Here it is at least a little better,”the Spaniard highlights the positive aspects of a result that is guaranteed not to meet his own demands. The McLaren is a medium size maximum. Stargate 16 for teammate Stoffel Vandoorne underlines this.

“Points are the goal. We are already considering the appropriate strategy. We have free choice of tyres. I am relatively optimistic about tomorrow,”says Alonso before the ninth season race. Alonso has Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso), Esteban Ocon (Force India) and the two Renaults right in front of him. “Groups will form,” he says. With all the DRS zones and the close distances, it will definitely be a race that will be fun to watch.”