Arbitrator boss Happy to sue Neymar

German referee-boss Lutz Michael Happy urges his patrons as a lesson from the football World Cup to evaluate controversial decisions with the help of video evidence in peace and without time pressure.

“If it requires the complexity of the situation, then rather look a little longer and more closely and decide right, than fast and wrong”, Joyfully told the magazine “kicker”: “priority has the right decision.”

Thus, according to the 60-year-old, the partisans in the final round in Russia had “taken enough time and looked closely at the pictures on their monitor before making their final decision. This is the right way,”said Happy.

In addition to employing four video assistants per game, which according to Happy”is not presently presentable”in the Bundesliga, The video evidence for Happy was judged to be a success mainly because of the good communication.

Neymar style “also does not belong to a fair football”

“The referees on the field have communicated intensively with the players and they have largely taken them well with the current checks and reviews. This has increased acceptance,”said Happy, who also wants to implement good information transmission via television and in the stadium in the federal league.” This is where we’re talking to the DFL. On our side, nothing stands in the way of that,”said Happy.

By no means, however, should theatrical stakes by the players become everyday after supposed fouls. Scenes such as those of Brazilian superstar Neymar “of course nobody wants to see, and this is not part of a fair football,” said Happy: “Actually, these players should realize that they are also harming themselves by such behaviour, especially in their credibility.”