Baba promises Schalke: To start “at 100 percent”

Abdul Rahman Baba of the football league Schalke 04 wants to open a whole new chapter of his career. After the completely screwed-up first attempt, FC Chelsea’s loan in the new season will attack in full and promises fans and managers to face the competition intensely. Before that, however, the left defender still has to find the old strength.

“Current I am at 70 percent”, the long-time Ghanaian returned in the “kicker” by a meniscus injury and cross-dressing. And the head was also free, the 24-year-old stressed emphatically and made it clear: “I am not afraid.”

Five weeks remain for the defensive player until the start of the new game time. Until then, Baba wants to get his full fitness back. “Before the season starts, I’m at 100 percent,” the national player guaranteed and added a battle banner: “Then I want to make as many games as possible and fight hard for the team.”

In general, the 24-year-old seems to have lost none of his self-confidence during his rehabilitation period.” I would like to,”he said with a view to the first game at VfL Wolfsburg”, in which start eleven stand.”The chances of the Ghanaian are not bad. Bastian Oczipka falls out longer due to an operation after reoccurring bar problems. All-rounder Daniel Caligiuri or the rather offensive Alessandro Creator are not learned leftist defenders, unlike Baba.