Back then: The scandalous hand of the switch Oliver Hero

What would the fans of the football federator 1 have. FC Cologne wanted the video proof twenty years ago. Back then, on this 29th. April 1998 in the downhill fight, at the bitter-tragic outdoor game at FC Schalke 04.

The cathedral cities had the great opportunity on this afternoon’s follow-up game in April’98 to gain some air in the struggle for class retention. The team of Coach Lorenz-Gunner Kostner ranked on the 16th with two goals better Karlsruhe SC. Table Place.

After pleading against the KSC (0:1) as well as against Werder Bremen (0:3), Cologne desperately needed a victory to avert the first descent of the club’s history.

The game in Schalker Parkstadion developed into a real football thriller over 55.000 spectators. Both teams came to good goal opportunities, which were destroyed by the closing men Jens Lehmann and Andreas Menger. Also the Eurofighters from the Ruhrpott absolutely brought a threesome for the renewed UEFA Cup qualification.

Arbitrators decide after consulting Eckball

Then the 80’s. A minute that caused perhaps the biggest stir of the whole season: After a fended-off Cologne free kick, Rene Tretschok suddenly came out of 14-meters completely free. His direct drop was whistling towards Schalker Tor. Keeper Jens Lehmann would only have looked at the ball powerlessly and amazingly afterwards.

But before the cherry could hit just below the bar to the Cologne leadership, S04-man Oliver Herod steered the leather over the housing –with his hand!

Scandal! Hands! In your own jail! In the final phase! The Colonies around Thomas Cichon and Starstorm Toni Polster protested fiercely, besieged Schiri Uwe Kemmling, who had probably not seen the scene properly as the only one in the wide Gelsenkirchen round.

Kemmling went to the alleged hand-sinner, asked Oliver Herod about the situation. Instead of acknowledging the reflex movement and subsequently collecting the Red Card and the penalty for Cologne, Herod denied everything and claimed to have cleared the bullet with his head. “The bullet was a bullet in the head. I decided for my team first, and not for what actually happened,”Hero admitted years later to the”Cologne City Announcer.”

upholstery:”Should his whole life no longer have any luck”

Consequently, there were only corners for Cologne that spat in nothing. In the 1990s, Schalkes stoked Radoslav Latal with all his abundance from the Cologne point of view. Minute the ball to 1:0 across the line. Cologne lost this game, a few days later also the game at the first descent Arminia Bielefeld. The heroic hand-play meant the last Sargnagel for the Colonies, which in the end resulted in the heavy march to the second league.

The hand-scandal hit high waves in the aftermath. While an evil, disappointed Toni Polster wished his guilty opponent “no luck for the rest of his life”, Hero himself was later sanctioned for his gross immorality. For the first time in the history of the Bundesliga, a professional in the aftermath of a fraudulent handshake, plus the following false report, was banned from the DFB Sports Court for two games.

After all, the middle fielder showed insight and spoke in several interviews later “of one of the biggest mistakes of my life.” There was further to understand the short-term goalkeeper: “If I could undo it, I would do it, but unfortunately that is not possible.”

The Colonies were not helped by remorse. At the end of the season, precisely these three points, which would have been possible without the hero’s hand on Schalke, were missing in the final reckoning for class retention.” If I had told the truth at the time, the descent could have turned out quite differently,”also knew Oliver Herod, whose name among hardcore FC fans also provides excitement even 22-years later.

Mats-Yannick Roth