Bruun Larsen has “no ambitions to leave Dortmund”

At Borussia Dortmund Jacob Bruun Larsen does not get on the train as often as he did last season. However, this is no reason for the BVB-Youngster to think about an early change.

“I have no ambitions to leave Dortmund,” Bruun Larsen explained in an interview with the Danish tabloid newspaper “BT”.

At this time of the game Bruun Larsen was not in a league match in the starting eleven, He was only allowed three times for short runs. In the last season he was still one of the big winners at the BVB and arrived at 16 games from the beginning.

“If you don’t play, you’ll never be satisfied,” Bruun Larsen admitted and sought explanations for his manageable betting times: “This is mainly due to the entries. Some new players have reinforced the cadre. But it may also be that we did not get off as well as we did last season.”

Bruun Larsen remains left in spite of BVB banking place

Another aspect may be that the Youngster entered the BVB summer preparation only later because of the U21-EM. However, Bruun Larsen does not see cause for concern.” One year it starts from the beginning, the next it takes some time. This is quite normal,”said the 21-year-old.

In August the”picture”had still reported that Bruun Larsen loved Dortmund with a farewell. In the face of increased competition from Julian Brandt and Thorgan Hazard, he thought about switching to a lease basis.