Burgstaller over Tor-Flaute: “Was really knocked down”

Since the 11th. In May 2019, Schalke-stormer Guido Burgstaller is now waiting for a ligator. The 30-year-old also thinks about the unusually long flat. But the Austrian does not want to let his head hang.

There have been days when he was “really knocked down”, Burgstaller looked back at his 1115 minutes flat in the “kicker” interview: “But it does not help, The Austrian explained that a certain insecurity had now also slipped into him, that it was human. “In this new situation for him, Burgstaller was simply lacking in self-awareness, looking for reasons for his gate crisis.” And I may make the wrong decision too often,”the goalkeeper did not spare with self-criticism at the same time.

After the game against Cologne on 7th. On game day, when he gave the big chance to win the 2:0, Burgstaller said that his flute had finally become the main thing, saying: “This will put even more pressure on his head.”

Burgstaller is aware that his thirst line will eventually lead to less playing time.” If you don’t meet, it’s clear that the coach has to give the other stormers a chance. […] Without gates, a stormer has little argument at some point.”That he does not fit into the system of trainer David Wagner,”I exclude”. It is up to him alone, stressed the 30-year-old.

Burgstaller has a particular wish for the FC Schalke round back: “That we can keep the level of the round round.” The Austrian personally wishes for “a goal”.