BVB confirms conversations with Goddess – Reus is missing “definitely”

Is Mario Gotze staying with Borussia Dortmund or are we going our separate ways in the future? At the BVB press conference, sports director Michael Zorc issued a water status report. Coach Lucien Favre confirmed the failure of Captain Marco Reus against TSG Hoffenheim in the last round game on Friday (20:30 o’clock).

“Marco (Reus, d. Red.) is definitely not involved. He felt something after the game, a fiber crack,”said the Swiss on Thursday:”He definitely falls out.”Whoever moves into the starting eleven for the attacker did not betray Favre.

It is possible t hat in the offensive he has to be changed twice. The use of wing stormer Jadon Sancho is still questionable.” I hope he’ll be there tomorrow. But I don’t know,”said Favre.

Meanwhile Zorc gave insights into Borussia’s framework planning. Although it was “too early” to talk about possible departures or access. However, the sports director declared to be in negotiations with gods.

BVB wants to hold Achraf Hakimi

The Offensive Player’s contract expires in Dortmund at the end of the season, and the media has been eager to speculate about an early goodbye.” According to Sport Bild, Hertha wants to hit BSC in the summer.

“I talked to his father this week. We’re in internal talks. There is “currently nothing to mention.”

Furthermore, the BVB manager reaffirms his firm commitment to Achraf Hakimi, who has been lent from Real Madrid until the end of the season: “We have already expressed our interest several times, To keep Achraf out of the season.”

The time was not yet right, talks with the Spanish top club would still be out, Zorc said. accompanies the PK with Lucien Favre and Michael Zorc in the live blog. The most important statements to read:

++ That was +++

The press conference in Dortmund used to be lively today. Favre and Zorc leave the room.

++ Will the frame be reduced? +++

Zorc: We’re finishing the round now, it’s too early. Then we’ll sit down.

+++ Talks with Gods ++++

Zorc: “I spoke to his father this week. We’re in internal talks. But there’s nothing that should go outside. There is currently nothing to mention.

++ Planning for the right side +++

Zorc: We have already expressed our interest on several occasions to keep Achraf (Hakimi, i.e. Red) over the season. Now is not the time. There is no decision either, either one way or the other. Then I read that Achraf has set a new speed record against Leipzig, and we will continue to have talks there.

Then I read that Achraf has set a new speed record against Leipzig. It was blown at a speed of 36 km/h.

++ Can you train the Ronaldo gate? +++

Favre: It is very, very good. But you can say about Ronaldo: After each training he stays very long, does stretching etc. He’s with 33-34 now in that shape. It’s not a coincidence. He knows he has to keep going. He also says so himself.

++ About the difficult negotiating position ++

Zorc: I try and do my best.

++ How does it look on the Transferal Market? +++

Zorc: I value it as limited, since the treaties are as they are. We are in the middle of the season. You always make a plan for a whole season. We need to look.

++ How do you estimate the opponent? +++

Favre: You have had good results, but then lose against X, Y. You have played well against Bavaria. They’re hard to judge. I’ve seen two or three games in their entirety. Respect.

++ Has the BVB found itself? +++

Zorc: Of course we had a difficult period in November when the results were not right. About the first half against Paderborn. Since then, however, we have been on a very good path, also with regard to the game on Tuesday. The view now goes back to the round.

Favre: How Michael.

++ game digested against Leipzig? +++

Favre: Yes, of course. We look forward, there are many good things that we take out of the game. It’s hard to accept. They didn’t stand a chance, just at corners. And we get three goals. But we have to accept that. Of course we want to correct that. Now we must think positively. Leipzig has suffered a great deal, that is positive. Everyone makes mistakes, we have to accept that.

Zorc: Especially with the first two gates we have shown no structural errors. Something like this can happen during the season. Tomorrow, we need another power act and the best possible performance. Then the players also have deserved Christmas holidays.

++ The staff situation: How is Sancho? +++

Favre: I don’t know at the moment. I hope he’ll be there tomorrow. I don’t know, though. Marco (Reus, i.e. Red) is definitely not involved. He felt something after the game, a fiber tear. It is definitely out.

++ Lucien Favre and Michael Zorc take place +++

Let’s go with the press conference of Borussia Dortmund!

++ Happy birthday, BVB! +++

Borussia 09 e. V. Dortmund is celebrating its 110 today. Birthday! We warmly congratulate and look back on the “maximum emotional” foundation.

++ Does Favre staff switch? +++

Who is on Borussia Dortmund’s side at the last point game of the year? Does Nico Schulz, against Leipzig at first only get a second chance at starting again? What about Jadon Sancho, who had to go down against Leipzig? Does stormer Paco Alcazar rotate into the team after he’s been injured? We are excited, What Favre says.

++ The reactions to the game against Leipzig ++

Due to two individual errors, Dortmund gave a comfortable and convincing 2:0 lead against the table leader. Captain Marco Reus then preferred to bite “in the most valuable” and Sports Director Michael Zorc complained: “That hurts. These are two points too few.”

The BVB fans also showed their disbelief after the game. Here we go to the net reactions.

++ The table situation ++

After the remiss in the last home game and the victory of FC Bavaria Munich against SC Freiburg on Wednesday Borussia Dortmund ranks fourth in the Bundesliga with 30 points. In the event of a win, the BVB climbs to at least three ranks and remains in batting position for the competition from Leipzig and Gladbach (every 34 points)

The TSG Hoffenheim will do everything in its power not to winter in Germany. After the 2:0-victory at Union Berlin on Tuesday, the Kraichgaus have 24-meters on the account and are in place nine.