BVB takes Dickel and Owomoyela off the network radio

Norbert Dickel and former National Player Patrick Owomoyela have received a pause of thought after their tasteless performance at the test game of Vice Master Borussia Dortmund against Udinese Calcio (4:1).

The duo will no longer comment on any games in the BVB-Net radio in the next few weeks. The club confirmed a corresponding report of the “picture” on Tuesday on “SID” request.

Dickel and Owomoyela had at the game on 27. In July in the Austrian Old Age, the opponent was insulted as an “Itaker” and cheap jokes were made at the expense of the players.

Owomoyela even indulged in a Hitler parody. The association “sanctioned” the misconduct according to its own information. BVB did not provide more detailed information on the sanctions. But the pause in thought at the network radio is not part of these sanctions.

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