China: Alonso is at 99 percent

Fernando Alonso is currently sweating in the power room to be fit at the Chinese Grand Prix in less than two weeks. The Spaniard, who had to skip the race in Bahrain after his horrific crash in Australia, shows himself on Instagram during hard training with elastic bands and tells his followers: return to training, in the coming days I hope to also go cycling and swimming. On the day of the race in Bahrain, the 34-year-old showed up on the home trainer.

Alonso developed a pneumothorax and rib fractures during his accident in Melbourne. The FIA doctors refused to allow him to take off in Bahrain because they feared that the physical strains in the racing car would cause the lungs of the two-time world champion to be injured by the bones. A second attempt to get a start permit after the good Free Training of the team also failed. On Sunday Alonso’s replacement Stoffel Vandoorne got a WM point at his Formula One premiere.

But is the Asturian one in Shanghai sure to be fit again?” Alonso said last Sunday in the starting lineup of Sachir. And also McLaren racer Eric Boullier is confident about ESPN F1: “I think so. He will be X-rayed again, and then the FIA will look at it and decide.”

Six weeks could be enough

Alonso himself is in view of the period since the accident of good things that his body has regenerated. The pneumothorax was already healed last weekend, the rib fractures should also soon be no longer a problem.

“If we come to China, it will be six weeks since Australia,” says the McLaren star. “If we come to China, it will be six weeks since Australia.” This is a period in which something like this can normally heal. We will see.”

If he should actually have to postpone a second time, McLaren now has at least the certainty that the Belgian Vandoorne is more than a capable substitute.” We know what he’s been through,”Boullier notes that the incumbent GP2 master came to the handshake without time to prepare. It can only get better for him. If he drives again, which we do not want, then the team is now convinced that he will succeed.”

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