Clear text instead of " Romance": Hanning makes DHB-Star steam

More performance, more passion, more success: In clear words, Bob Hanning has sworn the German handballers to the hot phase of the World Cup preparation. The time of the post-war scenes is now over, DHB Vice President urged ahead of the upcoming country games against Israel and Kosovo.

“I demand a hundred percent readiness of the team and all of us around it for sporting success and not romance”, Hanning said in an interview with the “Sport Information Service” (SID): “We should go through and focus fully on the 40×20 meters of the playing field. This would be good for all of us.”

Hanning needs to speak well eleven weeks before the World Cup in his own country. The harsh criticism of some players on the calendar and the subsequent dispute with the officials did not particularly appeal to the National Team’s Chief of Sports. And in general: instead of the tournament directing the whole sport, the last time it was much too much about topics outside the field.” Such things are not so much a goal in their own country before a World Cup,”said Hanning.

The result is always determined by us

After two nine seats at the last major tournaments Hanning gives the handballers a good fire. The disagreements between the team and the German trainer Christian Prokop had been “analyzed and discussed very honestly”, now he takes the professionals into his duty. Because “fact” is, “that our top players in their clubs are currently not getting their performance stable. They are not all in top shape for a long time,”some of them would hardly be used at the moment.

“I want the players to take more responsibility and accept the situation as it is,”Hanning said. The current week of the course should be used to swear together to the great goal: “On the field, but also next to it.” Germany has the chance to become first in every tournament: “But we can also become tenths. We always decide the outcome. And all of us, not an individual.”

Even without Hanning’s sharp rhetoric, the start of the EM qualification provides enough sporting incentive. The parties against Israel on Wednesday in Wetzlar and on Sunday against Kosovo in Pristina are important building blocks in Prokops WM-Casting, since they are the last mandatory games before the summit in January. Concerns primarily concern the position of the player. For the qualifying games in the European Champion Martin Strobel (32) a two-player player was reactivated.

Hanning: Two victories are DHB’s duty

Not least for Captains Uwe Gensheimer and Co. but also to launch a WM euphoria with heated performances. Until now, the tournament has not played a major role in public perception.

“Our goalkeepers Silvio Heinevetter and Andi Wolff have the potential to become the faces of the World Cup,” says Hanning. But even guys like Matthias Musche and Patrick Wiencek could inspire people: “By sporting performance, but also by their emotionality and their sympathetic, unannounced performance.”

What does Hanning sportingly expect from the country games?” With respect, two victories are an absolute obligation,”said the 50-year-old,”We should not talk about results in the face of these two opponents.”

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