Crash sequences cost mass two tenths

His accident in outdoor training had unintended consequences for Felipe Massa. Because his bolt was destroyed after the crash in curve 1, there were not enough components to restore it to its original state.

We were missing a few parts after the accident and it was impossible to fully equip his car again. He lost about two-tenths of his staff,”explains Williams’chief engineer Rob Smedley.

With the two-tenths customers, the Brazilian would have passed seventh in qualifying at the Canadian Grand Prix, at least at his teammate Valtteri Bottas, possibly even before Kimi the King Ferrari. So Massa remained only the realization that his performance today was good enough for rank eight.” I went on a good ride with him and the world on Saturday in the clear.

Bottas had “hoped for more”

But for Williams there should have been more than just the seven and eight places. Although they are normal due to the stronger Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, the distances on the Ile Notre-Dame are quite close, which has given midfield teams a chance to push in the front. For example, Bottas was missing on Kimi rack queens only 0091 seconds.” I don’t know if we would have gotten another tenth,”says the Finnish,”but usually they have a faster car, so his round was probably not perfect either.”

“I had hoped for more,”Bottas openly admits. But the FW38 had a problem in Q3 that one could not increase as much as the competition. Bottas found a tenth certificate against Q2, but Red Bull’s three to four, and Ferrari and Mercedes were also able to improve their times considerably.” We were able to add because the track has improved,”says Bottas, but where the other teams were able to book time gains, it is a mystery.

Satisfied with the balance

The British team in Canada actually had good trumps in hand. Montreal is considered to be an engine track, which should meet the Mercedes aggregate in the rear, and Williams is traditionally at the advantage of the long straight. And also in terms of tyres, the team could play an advantage: while the competition needed two warm-up rounds, Massa and Bottas could start at once.

“I was satisfied with the balance of the tyres in the first round. We saw that others had problems, but we were okay,”says Massa. Bottas, on the other hand, believes that at least the first three curves of the flying round were not optimal because the tyre did not yet have the perfect working temperature.” This has led to under-taxation in the first sector and cost time,”he says,”but we are where we should be.”

“In the rain, anything can happen”

For the race, the predictions are still vague, especially because no one knows about the weather. It’s supposed to get a lot cooler, but maybe the rain will come too. Whether he wants it or not, Massa is still uncertain: “Ask me again after the race”, he laughs. Anything can happen in the rain. There can be many safety cars. When it rains, the line has no grip and the walls are quite close.”

Bottas also sees the possible wet event as a risk, especially as Williams has not completely set the cards on rain as far as the setup is concerned.” When it rains tomorrow, it’ll be a gamble,”he says. The tyre selection during the race will be enormously important. Hopefully, we’ll make the right decisions.”With a little luck, things can move forward very quickly.” Anything can happen,”says Massa.”Everything can happen.” We can get some points, that’s the most important.”