Criticism of Muller: Bobic opposes Eintracht-Ultras

Since June 2016, Fredi Bobic has been managing the fate of Eintracht Frankfurt with great success. The Hesse won the DFB-Cup 2018 and advanced to the semi-finals of the Europa League in the last season of the season. Now Bobic commented on his work in Frankfurt.

“We are moving towards the 300 million euro turnover. This is huge. And the next step would actually be the Champions League. But that will not normally happen,”Bobic commented at a congress of the”Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”on the rapid development in the main metropolis.

Qualification for the European business is”not really at all”, Bobic continued, “and in the Bundesliga after former place twelve now with place ten.”

The trips through the European stadiums Bobic enjoys very much: “The Europa League is like a candy to me. Like a chocolate that you can eat.”

To enjoy more”candy”, Bobic has to make sure that the SGE coach Adi Hutter has a strong cadre available.

Eintracht Frankfurt is looking for players with”heart”

A venture that sometimes becomes difficult. After the strong season 2018/19, Ante Rebic, Luka Jovic and Sebastien Haller lost their entire storm trio to the competition.

Of the saved 110 million euros, Bobic invested 60 million euros in substitution, paying attention to clear virtues. “The game was a success. The mentality has to fit. They must have a heart and also a bit of head,”said the Unity Maker.

How Guardians use the new powers, however, lies solely in the hands of the Exercise Leader. The coach must have a free hand. I’m gonna have regular exchanges with him, and I’m gonna be in his cabin, but I’m never gonna tell him how to play. And I’m not in the casino either,”Bobic made clear.

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Criticism of the Ultras in the Causa Muller makes Bobic cold

The 47-year-old also made it clear, Bobic swears unequivocally that he will not be talked into doing his core business.

Criticism by a Frankfurter Ultra group of the plan to bring a highly decorated ex-player back into his own ranks with Andreas Muller. “Bobic is clearly sweeping from the table.” I don’t care what you think. Those who oppose Muller are also against me.”

The World Champion of 1990 is to replace Armin Kraaz as the head of the new performance center of the Unitracht. The”Ultras Frankfurt 1997″then proclaimed:”Such an obligation must not even be a thought game. There is no place for Andreas Muller at Eintracht Frankfurt.”