Czechs throw DHB team into " Endgame"

Defender of the title Germany has received protection at the Handball-EM in Croatia and would certainly move to the semi-finals with a victory against Spain on Wednesday (20:30 o’clock)

Macedonia defeated the Czech Republic on Tuesday with 24:25 (13:11) and thus sparked cheers in the German camp. Surprisingly, even Superstar Kiril Lazarov was on the record despite an injury from the game against Spain, the dream of the semi-finals came true.

Meanwhile, the favored Macedonians were in the lead with five goals and looked like the sure winner. But the fighting Czechs worked their way back into the game. In the second half of the year it was mainly the superb Keeper Tomas Mrkva, The goalkeeper was also at the center of the dramatic events in the final phase: According to video evidence, the referee of Macedonia spoke at the last second to seven meters. Dejan Manaskov of the German master Rhein-Neckar Lion, however, failed Mrkva.

Macedonia now behind Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic

Thus Macedonia fell back in the main round group II with 3:5 points behind Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic (all 4:4).

In addition to the selection of the German Handball Association, Denmark also benefited from the defeat of the Macedonians. The winner of the Olympics was the first team to reach the final round.

Vice-European Champion Spain had previously submitted to the World Cup third Slovenia with 26:31 (12:13) after poor performance and lost the general test for the duel with Germany.

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