Despite Sane: Bavaria wants to extend Coman contract prematurely

There is nothing going on for FC Bavaria in the Corona crisis either, but behind the scenes, the leaders of the record master are still trying to set the course for the future. The focus is on Kingsley Coman, among others.

The portal “footmarkt” wants to know that FC Bavaria is currently negotiating with Coman for an early renewal of the contract. In the discussion, therefore, there is not only a new contract, but also a salary increase. Coman’s current working paper is still running until the summer 2023.

During the negotiations, the Munich people are said to have played with open cards against Coman. It is said, for example, that the club leaders have informed the French consciously that they will bring in another wingman in the summer. This wingman is supposed to be Leroy Sane.

Coman is not supposed to have been surprised or disappointed about this, writes “footmarkt”. The 23-year-old is said to be aware that the record master lacks depth in the frame in this important position.

FC Bayern for Coman “the only way”?

The alleged willingness of the Frenchman to extend the contract is quite surprising. After Coman changed his advisor only a few weeks ago, rumors of a possible departure from Munich quickly spread. However, the new advisor Aidy Ward immediately referred all rumors to the realm of fairy tales and made it clear: “Bavaria is the only way.”

The possible purchaser of Coman was mainly Manchester City.” Sky”already reported in November 2019 of contact with the citizens. The prospect of being able to work under Pep Guardiola is said to have led Coman to reflect. Even a game exchange Sane-Coman was brought into play by English media. This model was not considered for FC Bavaria.