DFB-Vize does not exclude audience committees

DFB Vice-President Rainer Koch considers that in the case of fan insults, spectators’exclusions in German stadiums are still possible.

“If the club and the curve are not able to prevent the perpetrators from acting, in the final consequence, as the last resort, nothing remains but to close the bloc in its entirety”, Cook said Tuesday of the “Legal Tribune Online”. Even if the victims were not involved, the protection of the victims had priority.

The insults against Hoffenheim’s mistress Dietmar Hopp in several stages of the Bundesliga last weekend had been triggered by a punishment against the followers of Borussia Dortmund. The BVB fans had repeatedly insulted Hopp in December 2019 in spite of a probation period and had been occupied last week with a collective foreign bank.

Chef: Criticism of the fans unjustified

Former DFB President Reinhard Grindel had recommended to the DFB Sports Court 2017 that this form of sanction not more information. Koch still considers the fans’criticism of the verdict “unjustified. It has always been clearly communicated that spectators’bans have not been completely abolished,”said the vice president of the German Football Federation.

Koch also denied that the DFB did not proceed with the same consequence against racist incidents or insults to players.”The DFB is not acting with the same consequence.” Racist or discriminatory incidents must be pursued relentlessly,”he said. The DFB is therefore currently considering measures to “better and faster inform arbitrators of possible incidents in the future if they have not themselves perceived them,” the 61-year-old announced.