DFL with turnover record Media rights are newly awarded

German professional football has in season 2017/18 to 14. Once in a row a sales record has been achieved.

As the “Handelsblatt” reports on the economic report 2019 of the German Football League (DFL), the turnover of all 38 professional clubs in the Bundesliga and 2. League in the last season on 4,42 billion euro. The previous best mark of the season 2016/17 had been at 4.01 billion euros.

Despite the growth due to the media contract at 65 percent, the total profit in the previous season decreased to 102 million euros. Already in the previous year of the game, the plus was reduced to 150 million euros after the gain in the season 2015/16 had still been the record height of 206 million euros.

DFL Managing Director Christian Seifert also announced in an interview with the “Commercial Sheet” in the spring 2020 the future media rights to forgive.” We have been working on this for a year,”Seifert said. As the 49-year-old further stated, The new ideas have been developed and are being exchanged with the Federal Cartel Office.

An increase in the revenues of 80 percent, as in the recent media rights awards in the summer 2016, Seifert does not necessarily expect: “After all, it does not follow the principle of hope.” make us careful,”said the DFL boss.