DHB ladies after victory on semi-final course

Strong team performance, Convincing victory: The German handballers remain on the European Championship in Sweden and have taken a big step towards the semi-finals.

The team of German coach Michael Biegler won surprisingly clearly in the first round with 26:19 (14:10) against Serbia and now has four points. on the account. Serbia continues with three meters.

“I am somewhat surprised by the ladies. I didn’t think we could call in our good work so consistently. The good defensive work was the key to success,”said Biegler.”That was fun,”said Gatekeeper Clara Woltering.

Germany now has four points on the account, Serbia continues with three counters.

Strong and concentrated performance

Outside right Svenja Huber and backroom player Anne Hubinger were the best advertisers in the selection of the German Handball Association with four hits each, On Monday (16:15 o’clock) against Spain.

As in previous games, the German team showed a strong and concentrated performance over long distances, weaker phases were scarcely available against the previously undefeated Serbs. The retreat of the DHB women was good, so Serbia did not get any easy hits. In addition, Woltering, which matched its total 37. EM game with the German record holder Grit Jurack, again offered a very strong performance.

Three quick hits, Woltering shines

Germany excellently entered the game in front of 4212 spectators and scored three quick hits. Woltering immediately sparkled with three parades and had to accept the first gate after just six minutes. In the meantime, the Biegler team with seven goals took the lead.

This was also due to the fact that almost every attempt went in or to the goal, the throwing rate was at a break at a higher 78 percent. Once again, DHB’s choice was not dependent on a strong advertiser, but shared responsibility on many shoulders. Only shortly before the break a few small errors crept in, Serbia reached up to four gates.

Defensive even after the change of sides strongly

Even after the change of sides, the good picture continued, especially in the defensive: In the first twelve minutes Woltering only collected one hit, The cover was shining.

The support for the Serbs from the ranks was getting stronger and stronger when the Serbian supporters realized that there was nothing for their team.

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