DHB opponent Russia and title candidate Norway win

The former World Champion defeated the unified team Korea in Berlin with 34:27 (20:13) and scores three points before the duel with the selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) on Monday (18:00 clock)

Best The Russian pitcher was Daniil Shishkarev with seven gates. The Asians, with 16 players from South and four from North Korea, had lost Germany with 19:30 to the start against co-host.

Also Norway’s co-favorite is already at operating temperature. After the convincing start-up victory against Africa’s champion Tunisia (34:24) in Group C, the World Champion also finished Saudi Arabia with 40:21 (20:10).

The best Norwegian pitcher in the final place Herning was Magnus Red from the German champion SG Flensburg Handewitt with eight goals.

Austria had previously had to go after the Taking on Saudi Arabia’s outsiders with a harsh damper. The EM-15 had no chance against Chile in the second half of the year. Erwin Feuchtmann scored nine hits for the Chileans who had come under the wheels to start against Denmark’s co-host (16:39).

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