DHB submits strategy paper for women’s handball

The German Handball Association (DHB) wants to make women’s handball more successful, economical, lucrative and independent of the development of men’s handball. A strategy paper was presented to the Federal Council last weekend.

“We believe in the potential of women’s handball in Germany. It is now up to all of us to build structures for success with this belief,”DHB President Andreas Michelmann said in an association statement.

Analysis of international competition has shown that the national team and the leagues must be strengthened as their foundation.” Creating this in step is one of our central tasks in the decade of handball. This is where we have to start,”demanded Michelmann.

In addition to optimizing the league structure as early as possible in the season 2022/23, the level of the Handball Bundesliga is to be raised. In addition, top talents of the U-national teams are to be optimally promoted in future at German locations and prepared for the journey into the international class.

Final Places one to eight as the goal

In recent years, a gap between ambition and reality has been striking. The aim is therefore to go far beyond the World Cup 2025, which will be held jointly with the Netherlands.” In a comprehensive and multi-layered reform, we need to develop the structure of women’s handball and improve the quality of the players in order to become permanently competitive with top-level clubs and national teams”, DHB Sports Board said Axel Kromer.

In future, all international championships will aim for one to eight finals, in particular a success at the WM 2025 and already from 2024 medals at the Olympics. The last medals to date have been awarded to DHB women at WM 2007 with bronze.

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