DHB-Vize: Germany must " out of the comfort zone"

After the so far moderate EM, Bob Hanning does not want to deviate from the goals of the German handballers and has instead appealed to the team.

“We need to get out of the comfort zone,” said the vice president of the German Handball Association (DHB) of the “German Press Agency”. “We need to get out of the comfort zone.” Of course, we can say that we need to become much more aggressive in defence, for example. Now we also need the outstanding performance of the gatekeepers. The 51-year-old demanded that we “pay more in the pot than we take out.” With the 28:27-kick against Latvia, the DHB selection was included in the main round of the tournament. In Vienna, on Thursday, we continue against Belarus, a key game for Hanning. This is an end game, just as we only have final games ahead of us. If we do not lose against Belarus, there is no deviation from our goals,”said Hanning.

The team of German trainer Christian Prokop had issued the semi-finals as the goal. We set our sights high despite all the problems. All I know is that I am a friend of high goals and I have no problem if you do not reach the goal –if you feel like you have done everything for it,”stressed Hanning.

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