DHB women start with " much momentum" in the EM-Quali

Henk Groener and the German handballers 66 days before the start of the World Cup against Brazil are just right for the start of the EM qualification.

“We want to start in front of the domestic scene with two points in order to go into the upcoming tasks with a lot of momentum”, the Bundestrainer said before the duel with Belarus on Wednesday (18:45) in Coburg.” It is also necessary to develop further with a view to the World Cup in Japan and to take the next steps as a team.”

The World Cup final round from the 30th of November to the 15th of December stands above all in the reflections of the 58-year-old Dutch and his protectors, especially in the European Championship elimination there are no high sports hurdles to overcome.

“We have to make this easy,” said Torfrau Dinah Eckerle of the German Master SG BBM Bietigheim. Besides the Belarusians, Handball-Dwarf Kosovo and Slovenia are the other opponents in Group 3.

The real challenge awaits the EM-10th of 2018 only at the World Cup in the country of the rising sun, where the starting points for the Olympic qualification will be awarded in March next year. This requires at least seven degrees.

The prospect of participating in the 2020 summer games in Tokyo electrifies the young DHB selection already now.” Olympia is, of course, something very special that many athletes must never experience in their careers. This is an extra incentive, and I speak for all national players that we will all give the right gas to achieve this goal.” Said Backroom Ace Emily Bolk from the trophy winner Thuringian HC.

DHB team expects a ticket for the EURO 2020

The Green team wants to get the necessary WM-fine-tuning in three courses with five test games. The relaxing race in the EM qualification against Belarus and in Kosovo on Sunday (19:15 o’clock) is followed by the country double against Croatia on the 23rd. October in Zagreb and October 26th in Hanover.

The World Championship General Challenge rises on November 21st against Montenegro in Stuttgart. It’s great that we still have these games, so we can take everything out again with a view to the World Cup,”said Dinah Eckerle.

The ticket for the EURO 2020 has already been firmly planned, because the rivals are not all at the top of the European women’s handball.” It must be our goal to beat the opponents in order to gain confidence for the World Cup,”Eckerle said looking at the two games this week. Backroom player Alicia Stolle expressed the DHB selection claim even more clearly: “We want four points. No more, no less.”

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