Discovered: Lewandowski wanted to cancel the FC Bavaria

The fact that Robert Lewandowski has admirers at Real Madrid is an open secret. The royals are said to have shown interest in a commitment of the Polish attacker on several occasions. In December 2013, a change even seemed close to gripping, but the deal failed in a small detail, Lewandowski left the BVB in the summer 2014, but joined FC Bavaria Munich.

The Polish internet portal ” “allegedly revealed the contract t hat Real Madrid Lewandowski presented in December 2013. Therefore, in the summer 2014, the stormtrooper should have switched freely to real and signed a contract over six years.

For his signature alone, the national player would have cashed almost eleven million euros, adding 8,6 million euros a year. Complemented by various bonus payments, the total volume would allegedly have been around 75,5 million euro. Although Lewandowski would not have gone up to one of the top earners by now and was already in the lead at FC Bavaria, the offensive player was said to have been very happy with the offer.

Lewandowski wanted to cancel FC Bavaria

“He wanted to resign to Real and from the contract with the Bavarians. He liked the idea of a life in Madrid,”quoted “Cezary Kucharski, the longtime advisor Lewandowskis.

The fact that the deal still did not come about should be due only to one detail. While FC Bavaria assured Lewy that it was planned to be the absolute number one in the storm, Real refused to promise Lewandowski the jersey with the back number nine. In Spain’s capital, Lewandowski is said to have seen a backup for Karim Benzema. The Frenchman has been storming since 2010 with the Nine for the Madrid.

Ultimately Lewandowski announced in January 2014 that he would join FC Bavaria. In the Dress of Munich, he became perhaps the best attacker in the world and is now collecting significantly more than the Treaty of Madrid had promised him.