Ecclestone continues to seek his successor

Formula-1 chief marketer Bernie Ecclestone also sees no suitable candidate for his succession.

I have been seriously looking for a suitable man all these years. I haven’t found anyone who would do things my way and stand by me right now. I would have been delighted if I had found him,”said the 85-year-old Brit in an interview with the”Image on Sunday”.

“The people I had in mind wanted to travel, look at their bank account and stand in the spotlight, but not do the work like me,”explained Ecclestone, who worked as a used car dealer before his time in motor sports.” I can only repeat: we need a new used car dealer. But the fact is that sooner or later I have to be replaced.”

The mighty stripteaser still has no plans for a retreat.” My resignation will probably be the day of my death,”he said, laughing at the edge of the British Grand Prix in Silverstone. Ecclestone has been running the business of formula 1.