Elf Trouble: Wagner is “looking forward to the explanation”

In the top game of 2nd. The German record champion defeated the Knappen with 3:0 in the Bundesliga matches between FC Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Munich. The protagonists at “Sky”.

Niko Kovac (coach FC Bavaria Munich)…

… to the game: “We controlled the game over 90 minutes. We didn’t burn anything and we didn’t make any mistakes today. Today was a round thing and a good game. You can see that the Bundesliga season starts well, even with other stormers. This will give a shot, Lewi is the reigning goalie king, he wants to keep this crown. He feels good and is also good at training.”

… to Coutinho: “I think you have already seen today what skills he has at the ball. How he loosens up and runs around and plays. But there’s still a little bit of power missing, that’s perfectly normal. I’m satisfied with his intellect. Lucas did very well and Ivan did very well. It was good that the new entries were all there today.”

… to Kimmich: “Jo did a great job. He looks for every ball, was present, orients himself early, recognizes the situation and knows where to play. This was born out of necessity today because Thiago was injured. He can, he can do so much. We are very well positioned.”

… to Coutinho (before the game): “I want to give him as much as possible, but that depends on the course of the game. We all agree that he is a world-class player and a great boy. That what he can do between the lines is unique. He can play the pass you need as a stormer. I’m sure it’s the best place to raise him to ten. He can play in several positions, we will see that later.”

Philippe Coutinho (access FC Bavaria Munich)…

… to the game: “I am very happy to be at this club and to have celebrated my debut today. We won the game, it was a nice evening. The club is huge and we have good infrastructure. The game is very intense, that’s my first impression. I’ve been here for three, four days and I’m trying to improve with the intensity. I’m going to work hard.”

… to the surroundings: “My wife, my children and I already love the city. My family, they’re the most important people in my life. My two children Maria and Esmeralda, my parents and my two brothers.”

Jochen Schneider (Sports Board Schalke 04)…

… to Coutinho (before the game): “Not only am I looking forward to Coutinho, but also the entire Bundesliga can look forward to it. We are all happy that FC Bavaria has managed to transfer.”

… to Schalke (before the game): “Schalke is pure emotion, therefore Schalke exerts a special charm. I don’t want to talk about a pile of shards. The last season was really bad, we are about to re-establish ourselves.”

… to Nozel (before the game): “We are going to do everything we can to extend it.”

Expert Lothar Matthaeus…

… to the game: “After the 2:0 Bavaria has already swam a bit. It would have been exciting again with this atmosphere if Schalke had shot the connecting gate. It did not work, you can build on this performance and it was a step forward.”

… to Coutinho: “He has indicated that he can become a very important player.”

… to Lewandowski: “He is the perfect middle stormer. Robert made a sensational game. Also his readiness, the running work, he comes from behind from the second row.”

… to Coutinho (before the game): “He is not only a giant name, but also a giant kicker. He already proved that in Liverpool. It makes sense to everyone. The Bavarians look forward to him, Coutinho will get more bets on his favorite position and Barcelona has him off his payroll. It’s good if he gets used to the team a little bit. He is an artist and feels most comfortable behind Lewandowski.

… to Kovac (before the game): “Niko is an experienced coach, although he is often presented as a young coach. Niko’s on his way, he won’t be distracted. Last year he made an impressive demonstration of how he was lying on the ground and was threatened. Then he got the team back on course and won the double. Few other trainers could have done that.”

… to Nutel (before the game): “Nutel is definitely in conversation with many top clubs, including FC Bavaria. You are looking for a successor for Manuel Neuer.”