Equal opportunities voice scepticism about e-mobility

How does Formula One driver Kimi stand on the electric trend in the automotive industry? That’s what the car paper wanted to know from the former Finnish world champion. And he said, “Electric mobility is the direction in which everything is going at the moment. But as soon as the electric people imagine it, it will not work.”

Besides, Riding Kings believe that there can be more than one mode of propulsion. It’ll be more like a mix of everything,”he says. Who knows where we’ll be in twenty years? If it were that simple, everyone would switch to e-mobility.”

He also doubts the sustainability of electric vehicles, so Reiki can continue. O-tone: “Electric cars are not as clean as they appear.”

“Okay, these cars are green. But what about the batteries if they need to be recycled? And where do you load these cars, how often, are there enough electric refuelling stations?”

All these questions have not been answered satisfactorily for him so far.

The 41-year-old rowing king holds the record for the longest Grand Prix career with 327 racing participations in Formula 1. He has been driving (with interruptions) since 2001 in formula 1 and has become 2007 World Champion on Ferrari.