Ex-F1 pilot Donnelly’s worried about his leg after a moped accident.

Former Formula One pilot Martin Donnelly may have to endure the amputation of his left leg after he crashed a charity moped race last Thursday. A fundraiser campaign set up by his friend Jonathan Lewis is to raise money to support the British.

Donnelly had participated in a motorcycle race for the teenage Cancer Trust in Ireland last week and had only fallen about 30 km/h. However, a subsequent driver hit his leg just above the knee. It was the leg that had already been broken in two places in a Formula One accident of Donnelly 1990 and was difficult to reconstruct.

At that time the Nordic was badly injured on test runs in Jerez. His Lotus had left the track with approximately 230 km/h and was severely hit in the line boundary. The force of the crash was so strong that his car was torn into two pieces and Donnelly was thrown along with his seat on the track –a picture that was going around the world.

His accident in Ireland was not quite so violent, yet Donnelly could face serious consequences. I’ve spoken to specialists about the history of his leg,”Lewis writes. We all made fun of him and said that his leg looks like a parm machine when he wears shorts.”

Donnelly”has no savings at all”

In an operation, the ex-pilot was now using metal plates, but the symptoms worsened: increased temperature, rash, Swelling and outgoing secretions.” The concern is t hat an infection has spread in his leg,”Lewis says, and reports on the horror scenario:”If it doesn’t go well, he could lose his leg.”

He blames himself for suggesting that Donnelly should only drive a support van, but the Nordic wanted to drive, even if he is not a good motorcycle driver because of his leg anyway.

Now he wants to help him with the donation action: “I doubt t hat he has life insurance or accident insurance or that they will pay for it if he falls off a moped,” Lewis says to the background. “I doubt that he has life insurance or accident insurance or that they will pay for it if he falls off a moped.” He cannot work for at least three months and has no savings at all.”

At the time of publication of this article, around 25.000 euros of donations were already collected.