Ex-VfB President regrets separation of Bobic

Bernd Wahler has admitted serious mistakes in view of his almost three years as president of the football league VfB Stuttgart.

It was “a big mistake” to break up with Coach Thomas Schneider at the beginning of 2014 and a few months later also with sports director Fredi Bobic, the 60-year-old said in the interview of the “Stuttgart Newspaper” and “Stuttgart News”.

“I would rather get off with both of them than throw it all over the pile. You have to go your way if you are convinced.”

voters were president of the VfB from the summer 2013 until the end of the season 2015/2016. Shortly after the descent into the second. He had resigned from the League at the time.

The current sporting situation of the newly threatened VfB viewed voters with concern.” It’s like an ulcer: it goes in the right direction over and over again, but it’s never finished,”he said. I think the VfB needs a new round.”