F1 2022: Horner warns of extreme costs

It is no secret that Red Bull team leader Christian Horner would prefer to move the new formula-1 rules to 2023. The new regulation was originally to be introduced 2021, but was postponed by one year because of the Corona crisis. Horner does not go far enough, because the teams will have such high costs in the coming year.

There will not be a single component of 2021 for 2022,”he recalls at”Sky”and explains:”We will also be obliged to test tires and build test cars for it. And that seems to me to be unnecessary pressure on the system to put these costs on 2021. That is why I would have postponed the new regulation another year.”

“Ferrari now says that it would be feasible from the cost point of view, but the [current] car may not be so competitive. That’s why they want a white sheet of paper. And of course, all the other teams at the back of the force think that a white sheet will stir up order. But in reality this will not change anything, but will only cost much more,”warns Horner.

Horner demands: All teams should survive

Background: If the rules remain stable, then the teams are at the advantage that are currently ahead. On the other hand, in the forthcoming reform of the rules from 2022, everyone starts from scratch. But Horner believes that the basic hacking order will not change anyway. Moreover, after the Corona crisis, it was the wrong time to let the teams develop a completely new car.

“This crisis affects every team, everyone in the world. There is also Red Bull,”he recalls and explains:”This crisis reminds a little of the financial crisis of 2008, which is now waking up the teams a little. Now we have to look beyond our own interests at the big picture of the sport, so that the sport and all ten teams survive.”

After the last big crisis, three big manufacturers emerged from formula 1 with Honda, Toyota and BMW. Horner is therefore pleased at least with the idea that for the season 2021 a large part of the development of the Bolids should be frozen.” I think this is absolutely the right way to focus on reducing costs,”says the Red Bull team leader.

Budget ceiling: Horner warns against mass redundancies

Another point of contention is the budget ceiling. Some teams had recently worked to push the cost cap down to up to 100 million US dollars a year in the future. Horner is clearly more against it.” The cost limit is only the limit you can spend. One does not have to spend so much,”he recalls.

“It is very difficult to compare the teams. Compare a team like Mercedes to a team like Haas, or Ferrari to Racing Point or even Red Bull and AlphaTauri,”Horner explains and adds:”The upper limit only covers the operational costs that racing causes. Driver salaries, marketing and other things are not included.”

“It is impossible to compare them all when you think of Haas and McLaren factories. I just can’t. The operating costs are simply completely different,”he explains and reports:”At Red Bull, 900 people work to build the cars. If we now find out in big steps how this is being discussed, then we may have to release 300 to 350 people.”

“More could be the case with Ferrari and again with Mercedes. You have to find a balance there. One has to ask, for example, whether it is right that all teams should have the same upper limit. A team at the end of the field that buys parts and has no research and development costs should have the same limit as a manufacturing team?”, says Horner.