F1-Boss says: Previous people have shit on the product

Formula One boss Chase Carey strongly criticized his predecessors and said that they were too critical of the sport and shit on the product,” Instead of solving the problems of formula 1.

Ex-formula-1-boss Bernie Ecclestone had repeatedly expressed his disapproval of the V6 hybrid engines and even said t hat he would not buy a ticket for formula 1.

Carey’s lack of understanding: “I think the sport has not organised itself”, Says he at a conference in Baku.” I’ve been talking about the hybrid engines and the incredible technology behind them, but in the years before us, people have been shitting on it, instead of saying, “This is the most efficient engine, it’s an incredible piece of technology,” he gets angry.

Instead of solving them. “There were some problems, but not enough has been done to address the problems,” he says.

Costs are an important issue for the American. Liberty Media is trying to make Formula One grow and make the championship for the teams more sustainable. Bernie Ecclestone focused on maximising profits, which had led to increased costs and also to an unfair distribution of money.

Liberty Media has now negotiated a budget line and wants to distribute the prize money more fairly. For Carey, however, all of this comes rather late: “We are at a point where the subject should have been addressed a long time ago,” he says. “We are at a point where the subject should have been addressed.” People complained about it, but they didn’t do anything. Usually you solve problems in life when you have them.”

Another topic is the calendar. Formula 1 pushes into ever new markets and keeps the calendar growing. Although you already have 22nd races a year, there are always new entrants who push the market. The Formula One boss sees that as strength.” We are fortunate that we have much more demand than supply.”

For the selection of future races he means:”We want to be selective and enter into long-term partnerships.”He sees it as a sign of interest in sport.” And the interest was not captured in the past because the sport did not do the things he had to do.”

“The sport has become too critical and has, as I said, crapped on the engines. And Bernie said he wouldn’t buy a ticket. This is complaining, not fixing.”