F1 car vs. Rugby team: Who has more steam?

Eight heavy boys have as much steam as a 750 PS strong F1 car –that teaches us at least one of the special kind of power measurements staged by Red Bull.

Daniel Ricciardo climbed the RB8 at the weekend to compete with eight’wall cabinets’of the Bath Rugby Club. Result: a performance-oriented indecision.

The Milton Keynes racing stables had chosen a fantastic setting in advance. On the beautiful training ground of one of the oldest rugby teams in Britain, Red Bull had his pilots compete against eight rugby players in the World Championship car of 2012. The question: Who has more steam, an F1 car or the heavy guys?

A clear winner could not be determined, Ricciardo was so completely out of his opponents’power but also out of his socks.” For me, it was a big deal to get pushed away by these tough guys for a while. An unforgettable experience,”said the Australian,”I didn’t really get it at first and asked: How do you want to do it? But now that I’ve seen how it goes, I think it’s really cool. I like things that are different and things that have never been done before. In addition, the set-up here is really unique and beautiful.”

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