F1 only for the rich? Hamilton’s worried about young people.

His story can be sold by clever marketing managers like pure gold: from bottom to top, From the British working class up to the four-time Formula One champion and multi-millionaire.

Mercedes-Star Lewis Hamilton offers endless material for good stories, in addition to his driving talent and his extroverted style. His father had to take three or more jobs at the same time in order to fund the boy from Stevenage’s beginnings in card sports.

So the conflict with his former friend and later rival Nico Rosberg could also be told very well, who grew up in Monaco at the same time as the son of Formula One world champion Keke. And Hamilton wouldn’t be Hamilton if he didn’t flirt with his modest background at regular intervals.

Recently, rumours have circulated that he wants to embrace financially weaker talents, fearing that in the future no one, like him, will be able to fight his way through from the bottom. Motorsport is therefore only for the rich?

Hamilton is looking for a conversation with FIA boss Todt

Stories such as those of Lance Stroll, whose father Lawrence financed the offspring from small to small, later got the cockpit at Williams”and now with Force India buys a new team as majority owner, are good proof of Hamilton’s thesis.

But he wavers first: “Oh, someone wrote that again. Do I regret that people from other social strata could no longer make it to formula 1? Is that really my concern? It’s just the way it is. That’s how it’s going at the moment.”

However, he reveals that he has actually already thought about the subject:”I would like to work on it. I want Jean (Death; FIA-Boss? Amen. d. Red.) speak or whoever can change something to develop something with them, how the situation can be improved.”

Financial support with only one plan

Financial support, for example in the form of a foundation for talented young pilots, does not think primarily:”We know how young junior pilots can be promoted. Should we ever get to the point in the discussion of how to finance the whole thing, I will not close my eyes to it,”he does not call off a monetary participation in principle.

But:”Currently, without a plan, I will not simply lay down my money. It would be cool to be able to help the kids, but how is the crucial question now.”

That something has to be done, the Formula One superstar has long since formed a verdict on this. These whole classes under Formula One belong to some people today. The card game isn’t like it was when I was young. You’ve got people paying the teams millions and millions more today. And then you have those who pay their millions to make it this far, but ultimately fail. There are just a lot of people with money here,”Hamilton draws a conclusion from the current racing business.

Next step:”I need to deal with this more closely. But it would be cool to be on a new path…”