F1-Out? Hilkenberg finds DTM rumors entertaining

Nico Hullkenberg refutes the rumors published by that he will announce on Tuesday the end of his Formula One career and the switch to BMW in DTM: “Nothing will be published on Tuesday, trust me,” he said after the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, Clearly.

The outgoing Renault pilot explicitly states on explicit demand that he did not have conversations with BMW (“No”), and relativizes Sunday evening’s media reports: “I find it entertaining.”

In his interview with “Sky” he initially refuted the rumors not specifically, but flatter with the reporter, When he says to him on 2020, “I’m doing your job– don’t be so sure!” When the reporter enthusiastically replied that he would hand over a super expert, Hullkenberg laughed: “Not to you. For you! Talk to your boss!”

In formula 1, which has been almost certain since Austin, no door opens for 32-year-old 2020-year-old. He himself has ruled out a switch to Williams, and at Alfa Romeo Ferrari is allowed to occupy the second cockpit next to Kimi. According to reports, Antonio Giovinazzi will receive a new contract.

Unhappy start: From P11 to P13

The race in Austin ended in Hilkenberg as a ninth. Unlike his teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who became the sixth “Best of the Rest”, the start for the German did not go as desired. Although Hullkenberg got away from P11 solidly at first, he was unfortunately stuck in the first curves. At the end of the first round he was only in rank 13.

“The first round made it difficult for me. I’ve “just lost some unfortunate positions from the timing,” he says. I actually had a very good start, but starting at curves one and two I got a bit pushed away and lost quite a few positions. This made the race very difficult from then on.”

“The first half was to write off. In the second half we came again. I had some fights,”says Hullkenberg. For example, with Kimi rakes, who, unlike him, had started on soft and severely slashed his tires behind it. Or later with Daniil Kvyat. The race was “fun”, he says: “Niner is still completely reconciled.”

An interesting duel with queens

One of the highlights was the duel with queens in the final phase. This is how Hilkenberg experienced it: “Nice, fair. We drove side by side, and we respect each other. He gave me space, I gave him space. But of course he doesn’t give me presents. So he let himself be pushed out and pushed me a bit in curve 14.”

“I had to put on the painted asphalt in the finish, and then they immediately asked me to give him the place back. That took time again. Without the Kimi incident and a slightly earlier first pit stop, I might have caught Carlos. Would have been if…”

Ultimately four seconds were missing on the McLaren by Carlos Sainz, on which Hullkenberg alone could catch up in the last lap four and a half seconds. But the mockery of wretches was not decisive for Hullkenberg’s end result. Rather, he climbed through the start and the traffic in the first rounds into a strategy that was not planned in this way.

“Before the race, Nico and I actually had a strategy for getting in,” says team leader Cyril Abiteboul. “Before the race, we had a strategy for getting in.” Fortunately, we were able to change that in time. Nico was left behind when he fell backwards in the classification. On the soft tyres at the end he was able to attack again at the beginning of the race thanks to a cleverly divided fuel consumption.”