“Fair or unfair”: Aytekin criticizes the media

German Arbitrator of the Year, Deniz Aytekin, is not afraid of mistakes.” Always questioning everything and proclaiming that one must always work, I have no such expectation of myself,”said the 41-year-old in an interview with the”world”.

“Of course I want to do my tasks as well as possible. But if, for example, I am injured or sick once, that is the case,”the speaker said. If I make a mistake, I’ll see what it was about and how I can improve.”

Aytekin had to cancel the mandatory performance t es t for referees for a muscle injury before the Bundesliga season. There was talk that he had been too slow and therefore had been blocked by the DFB.” That’s how it works. Even an injury is quickly portrayed as failure, which is our society. I’ll record it, but don’t let it get to me. For too long I have been active as an arbitrator.”

If you have injured yourself,”then you are immediately questioned as to why you have hurt yourself at all,”he said. We have to live with that in performance sport. When half the media landscape reports that I did not pass the test, no one writes that in the last fifteen years I have passed all the tests flawlessly and have just been injured. But this kind of thing has to be removed quickly.”

Occasionally, as an arbitrator, one has to have such a reporting about oneself,”whether it is fair or unfair. It is probably a sign of our society that people seem to prefer to read negative,”said Aytekin.