FIA launches investigation against Ferrari

The FIA has launched an investigation against the Ferrari team. The trigger was a mysterious code on a Scuderia bulletin board, possibly in violation of the radio restrictions that have been in force since this season, which also apply to bulletin boards and steering wheel displays.

The command for Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain was: 3.2 – LFS6 – P1. An opposing team has lodged a complaint with the FIA according to “auto motor and sport” and wants to know what LFS6 means. FIA racing director Charlie Whiting looks into the matter.

The British promised before the season air strike that the FIA will always monitor the teams.” We have a camera that records all the boxing tables. If we notice anything unusual, we will inquire,”Whiting explains. He is aware that the races will not leave anything untried to circumvent the restrictions.

“There has been an indication, for example, that the round numbers may have different meanings: if the font is red it means this, if the font is yellow, it means that,” explains Whiting, that any detail could be suspicious.” You will do your best to send as much information as possible to the drivers. I only hope they will do it legally.”One may be curious as to how the Ferrari investigation will turn out.

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