Flensburg and lions put pressure on Kiel

The SG Flensburg Handewitt and the Rhein-Neckar Lions presented in the title three-way in the Bundesliga. Lead rider Flensburg joined the final leg of Bergischer HC with 32:29 (15:14) by leading the league with 28:2 counters in front of the point-like lions.

The title defender won at HBW Balingen Weilstetten with 33:28 (17:15).

Record champion THW Kiel (26:2 points) wants Sunday with a victory in the home game against SC Magdeburg However, Flensburg and the lions had much more trouble than expected. The SG led in the 51st minute with only one gate (26:25). The best Flensburg pitcher in front of 2542 spectators was Rasmus Lauge Schmidt with seven goals.

Lions also have to tremble for a long time

The lions also had to be afraid in Balingen. In the 52-minute, the hosts shortened to 26:27. Gudjon Valur Sigurdson scored eight hits for the lions.

The table fifth DHfK Leipzig (17:13) was featured at Altmeister Frisch Auf GOpeningen with 25:26 (11:15). Meanwhile, the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf (16:14) had to give itself MT Melsung with 30:31 (18:15). HSG Wetzlar (16:14) played its favorite role in 33:25 (16:12) against TVB Stuttgart. The HC Erlangen fought against the cellar child HSC 2000 Coburg 26:24 (13:11)

The parties in the Stenogram:

FA GOpeningen – DHfK Leipzig 26:25 (15:11)

Tore: Rentschler (9/3), Sesum (3), Kneule (3), Pfahl (3), Fontaine (3), merchant (2), Schoenberg (1) for the opening of the gate- Steinert (6/3), Pieczkowski (5), Milosevic (3), Janke (3), Rojewski (2), Roscheck (1), Meschke (1), Binder (1), Strosack (1), Jurdzs (1), Semper (1) for Leipzig


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<1) for LeiLeiLeipzig<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<440400<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<4>HBW BalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalBalSigurdsson (8/4), Ekdahl du Rietz (6), Schmid (%/1), Groetzki (5), PePekeler (2), Baena Gonzale (2), Larsen (2), Reinkind (2) for RhRhRh- Necka<<<<<<<<<<<<><<<<<<<<<<<<<





<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<252525252525<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>><<<<<<<1) for Hanover - Sellin (8/6), Schneider (4), Fahlgren (4), Danner (7), Maric (3), Allendorf (3), Vuckovic (2), Rnic (2), Muller (2) for Melsung

Viewer: 3852

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