Flick about Klinsmann-Aus: “Not on Facebook”

The FC Bavaria Munich is the favourite in the house on Sunday (from 15:30 o’clock) at 1. FC Cologne. But beware: the cathedral cities are currently one of the strongest teams in the league and have already worked hard on square 13 of the table.

Chief trainer Hansi Flick left no doubt about playing full-time in Cologne. At the same time, he warned of the opponent who had last made the breakthrough under Markus Gisdol: “The way they defend is very courageous. They put a lot of pressure on the opponent, and when they win the ball, they quickly switch it off. This team can hurt a lot if you are too lax.”

Flick also made it clear at the press conference on Friday afternoon that the last injured or ill players Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich and David Alaba will probably all be in the frame on Sunday. Niklas Sulle, Ivan Perisic and Javi Martinez will continue to be eliminated.

Bayern’s coach cannot imagine a role as team manager on the English model. This was demanded by former Federal trainer Jurgen Klinsmann at Hertha BSC. Trainers and sports directors are two very different professions. It’s important what kind of philosophy a club has. Then I have to commit the coach,”said Flick on Friday.

Bavarian coach Flick says to Klinsmann

Of course you want to be a coach”also to have influence on the players who come. But it all has to happen in agreement. It goes fast that a coach is gone and the new one wants four or five new players,”said the 54-year-old. It is important to have a “good balance” in a club.

Flick cannot conceive of an end like Klinsmann in Berlin. I’m not on Facebook or Instagram, that can’t work for me,”said the Bavarian coach with a smile. Klinsmann had announced his farewell to Hertha via Facebook.

“I believe that trainers and sports director are two fundamentally different professions,” Flick added with regard to Klinsmann’s criticism of the German system. The former German trainer had resigned with problems in the division of competences with manager Michael Preetz. has accompanied the media round on Friday as usual in the live ticker.

The most important statements to read:

++ Hansi Flick about the contact to Jupp Heynckes +++

“We had a lot of contact after my career as a player. I also once invited him to a training course where he was there. That was sensational for our U-coaches too. But at the moment it is relatively little, because I also have a lot on my mind. Last time we spoke before Christmas, I think it was a long time ago.”

++ Hansi Flick about Alvaro Odriozola ++++

“We needed a backup. It’s just that we’ve played a very successful round so far. It’s only natural that you don’t change too much as a coach. Especially when there are no English weeks. That’s just the way it is. He does his thing well and trains well. It is also clear, of course, that the quality here at Bavaria Munich is very high. It’s good to know you have an option. He’s assuming his role, and we’ve already spoken. He has an excellent mentality and a very professional attitude. That is why I am currently very satisfied with it.”

+++ Hansi Flick about Jurgen Klinsmann ++++

“I am neither on Facebook nor on Instagram, which is why this cannot work for me at all. I believe that coaches and sports directors are two very different professions. What is decisive and important is what an association has for a philosophy. That’s something to think about. Accordingly, I must oblige my players and also the coach to do so. When you’re there as a coach, you want to influence players who come. Ultimately, it has to make both sides feel comfortable. It’s pretty fast today that a coach is gone. The new player wants four or five other players. I think it is important to find a good basis and a good balance there. It’s always the club that decides what kind of football he wants to stand for. What values and philosophy he wants to convey. Accordingly, the association must also select its staff.

++ Hansi Flick about the harmony in the team +++

“It is important to have a good team around you. The staff around it is important to have security. Communication is extremely important. I think that’s the bottom line. It is important to simply have a good atmosphere in which everyone can open up even in difficult situations. As long as you win, everything’s always okay. That’s why I hope we don’t experience the other. I am going into the game very positively as regards the game in Cologne. It’s important to take everyone with you. It’s going really well right now. It is also the case that the players come to me themselves. This is also an important sign that the players dare to address everything.”

++ Hansi Flick about the role of Sven Ullreich +++

“I can say quite frankly that it was a theme to let him play in the home game against Tottenham. We chose Manu back then. The training, the attitude and the professionalism he brings must also be rewarded. These are things that we keep thinking about on the coaching team. Manu is fit, so there are no considerations at the game in Cologne. If it had been otherwise, I wouldn’t have had any trouble letting Sven play from the start either. We are very pleased to have such a second keeper.”

++ Hansi Flick about the possible reorganization of the club-WM +++

“These are things that are just too far away. Ultimately, we have to see if this is still reasonable for the players. These are things that I can’t decide and I’m not interested in right now.”

++ Hansi Flick about Coman and Hernandez +++

“We’re glad and happy that it went really fast with both of them. They both do really well in training. We don’t know for sure if it’s enough for 90 minutes. It is clear, however, that both need playing practice. How we do that now, whether they play from the beginning or come in, we will discuss it further. When the English weeks begin, everyone must be at 100 percent. This is how we’re going to do it.”

++ Hansi Flick about the cast in the four-string +++

“It was of course unusual for David Alaba to play on the position of the right inner defender. David’s been playing left field defender for years. Of course it has to fit now and as a player you have to feel comfortable. Ultimately, this is also our job as trainers to prepare the players accordingly. In the game against Leipzig we had to switch, since it was very unusual for David in the position there. I can understand why he didn’t feel so comfortable in this game. But we will also train this so that we have all the alternatives.”

++ Hansi Flick about the expectations of the game against Cologne +++

“Since Markus Gisdol took over, they have been very successful. The way they defend is very brave. They put a lot of pressure on the opponent, and when they win the ball, they quickly switch it off. This team can hurt a lot if you are too lax.”