Force India: Air shaft gives up puzzles

Force India presented itself at the training event in Austin with the six and seven seats by Nico Hullkenberg (+1150 Sek.) and Sergio Perez (+1210 Sek.) as the fourth force expected strongly, but in the first Free Training one was amazed with an unusual air shaft under the front party itself experts. I can’t see what they’re doing with it,”even Marc Surer said.

The Swiss had the suspicion that it wasn’t an aerodynamic part. It looks too clumsy for that,”he speculated. And put a guess in the room: “Maybe this will measure dust pressure.” “” has got to the bottom of the matter and found out what Force India was up to with the strange device t hat was only used in the morning.

This is a speed-over-ground measuring device, which measures the difference between the real speed of the bolt and that of the wheels. What’s the point? When the car is under control, the wheels rotate less quickly in relation to bolting, the opposite is the case with overtime. Thus the engineer receives precise data about the exact ratio, which brings new insights in the analysis of the driving behaviour of the bolt and the tyres.

Mercedes also used similar devices when he had bigger problems with the Pirelli tyres. After problems, however, it does not look like Force India at the moment: Hullkenberg, who unlike teammate Perez was used in both training sessions, speaks of a “straight Friday. This is exactly how you want to start in a weekend.”

“Can improve us overnight”

According to the Emmericher there were”no bigger problems with the car”, also with the balance is”satisfactory according to the circumstances. But I do know that we can make improvements overnight. We tried a few different things this afternoon –now we have to choose the right path overnight.”

Perez had to make room in the morning for test pilot Alfonso Celis, but does not see a great disadvantage due to the missing kilometers:”I got well shot, and I think, Celis, who also tried the Halo system, did not go beyond the rank 17 in the first exercise, but this leads back to the tires: “I only had two sets of Supersoft tires available, So I had to use it intelligently.”

The Youngster collected data for the team and received praise from the deputy team leader Robert Fernley:”He did a good job on this difficult and technical track.”At first the wind made the setup search even more difficult.”The wind made the setup search even more difficult.” But we have a good basis,”the British confirms the positive overall impression. So I think we should be in good shape for the rest of the weekend.”