Former Chief Ethics Council on Restart: “Fatal Effect”

The relaunch of the Federal Football League is, in the opinion of long-standing Ethics Council Chairman Peter Dabrock, a threat to solidarity in society.

“The concept has not been thought through from the front to the back and will have a fatal effect on all compliance with the restrictions”, said the professor of theology of the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg in the interview of the “German Press Agency” with a view to the timetable of the German Football League.

“If the mantra is: no contact, distance, hygiene, protection, but one then allows just one sport, In which all this cannot be observed from the outset and notoriously, this naturally has an impact on whether people are wondering: why do I have to abide by such restrictions in my area?” Dabrock explained.

In the video pose about Herthas Solomon Kalou, the theologian of DFL hypocrisy accused. “The film is a fiction. If the Bundesliga and the pseudo-containment start up again, what will be the problem with the players in the cabin shaking hands when they are standing next to each other in the freefall in the wall or when a pack formation occurs?” Dabrock said,

“One can be thankful for Kalou. If we get so excited about him and at the same time accept that a few days later everything that is normal in football can be back to normal, then this shows once again the hypocrisy of the whole concept,”the professor stressed. It shows how exhilarating this whole concept is that one has found the scapegoat at this point, but knows that a few days later one goes from profession because of morning to evening.”