Formula one without Germans? Make friends with it!

The summer break in Formula 1 is history, the last nine races of the season 2019 cast their shadows ahead. It is clear that the second half of the season will be indicative for many pilots for the 2020’s. Nico Hullkenberg is one of them, but Sebastian Vettel is also under observation. What do the fans expect? What threatens the drivers?

The editorial team looks into the glass ball and takes a position on three bold theses.

  • Max Verstappen wins more wins in the last nine races than Lewis Hamilton!

    • Max Verstappen strong>

    Mats-Yannick Roth: No! For Lewis, this year is no longer about the World Cup, which he has practically had for a long time! The five-time champion is much more likely to break an all-time record after the next one by Michael Schumacher. The most important in this series would undoubtedly be the record of the Grand Prix victories- here Hamilton is missing ten more. So the 34-year-old has nothing to give, to get past the legend next year.

    How many more victories does Verstappen get?”

    Chris Rohdenburg: Quite clearly: Understanding gets the MAXimum! The personal maximum, so to speak! If the Dutch can confirm its top form, it is likely to be a huge success for the Dutch at the end of the vice-titles. That’s all I can do right now. With all due respect to the season of the Red Bull pilot, however, especially in the second half of the season, Lewis Hamilton has not been missed on a regular basis for a decade. The question for the races in Russia, Singapore, Japan and Co. is therefore the most important, which Grand Prix the English cannot stamp. The spectacle in Belgium would be such a candidate, perhaps even the GP of Mexico. Otherwise, however, it is very likely that in the end, the incumbent World Champion will always be at the top of the stairs.

    Christian Schenzel: Yes! Understanding has nothing to lose and can go to the limit of what is possible in any race and qualifying. Why would Hamilton risk that? Schumis 91 Grand Prix wins at the latest next year anyway. His main concern is these magical seven World Cup titles. In order not to jeopardize this goal, he will be back here and there, giving priority to understanding. The Red Bull is now so strong that it is even superior to the Mercedes on certain routes. This advantage will be used mercilessly.

    • Carlos Sainz will be driving for one of the top three teams next year!

    Chris Rohdenburg: To wish it was the Spaniard who burned a lot of top performances into the asphalt in the first half of the season. But the cockpit seats of the top three teams are very rare. If anything, Red Bull might still stand a chance. However, it is much more likely that the 24-year-old will also be driving for McLaren in the coming season. Certainly not a bad choice, because after the disastrous last few years, the racing stable from Woking has remarkably returned and has become the best midfield team, thanks also to Sainz!Carlos Sainz stays at McLaren

    Christian Schenzel: Mercedes will not be a topic, after the unpleasant separation a return to Christian Horner and Max Verstappen will not be a topic either. The question is, what does it say about Ferrari? Suppose Sebastian Vettel puts the second half of the season in the sand and says goodbye to formula 1. Why should the Scuderia not strive for Sainz? The Spaniard is 24-year-old, has enormous potential and knows how the rabbit runs. With him and Leclerc (21), Ferrari would have an extremely powerful duo for the future. The way there is, of course, a long way to go, but this scenario should not be ruled out.

    Mats-Yannick Roth: As a former Toro Rosso tribal driver, Sainz left an impression with the Red Bull a few years ago. At that time, however, the bosses decided to promote Max Verstappen to the Red Bull team instead of the Spaniard. If the experiment with Albon succeeds in the Red Bull, it won’t work with a cockpit in the big leagues for Sainz. If the young Thai gets sick, Sainz 2020 drives for the cops.

    • Sebastian Vettel and Nico Hullkenberg are no longer part of formula 1!

    Christian Schenzel: German fans should be friends with this idea. If Hilkenberg does not stay with Haas and the big chair gap with the other teams remains, he will only have to change to another race class. And why should he not try to win another classic after his victory at the 24-hour Le Mans?

    And, quite frankly: What would a change to Haas really bring him? He’s not going to the podium there either. And if “Hulk” attendance in the F1 is sufficient, it may be doubted.

    Will the German duo remain in formula 1Will the German duo remain in formula 1

    In the case of Vettel much will depend on the second half of the season. If Ferrari goes down any further, or if he’s even hung up on Charles Leclerc, he could throw in the towel. The championship title with Ferrari is as far away at the moment as a podium with Haas.

    Mats-Yannick Roth: Despite the year of Pleitennick with now 20 races without victory Vettel 2020 will remain at Ferrari. The mission with the Reds is not yet complete. Besides, Vettel makes unbelievably good money at Ferrari. At the latest 2021, the cards are re-mixed anyway. It’s not impossible for Vettel to lose his cockpit to Mick Schumacher. Whether or not Hullkenberg will be staying at Renault after the end is in the stars…

    Chris Rohdenburg: Yes, it is. Nico Hullkenberg works together with his Buddy Kai Ebel for RTL in Boxengasse and conducts interviews; Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, as a TV expert, corrects Heiko Wasser’s “Wisdom”. No, fun aside. For Vettel it will definitely go on. Relatively safe even in Ferrari. The Heppenheimer has recently made it clear on several occasions that the thought of the race weekend continues to regularly shoot adrenaline into his veins. Vettel is not finished with formula 1! The F1 circus will still feel this in the second half of the season.

    It looks different at Hullkenberg. The “eternal talent” is counted and is now also 32-year-old. He would like the rumors about Haas’interest to be true. Otherwise, in the end, only one German remains in formula 1.

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