Fortuna-Boss: Posse for spark a “mistake”

Robert Schafer, chairman of the board of football federation Fortuna Dusseldorf, refuses to resign after the contract pose for Coach Friedhelm Funkel.

“No./8239;I have to take responsibility for it. But I can only do that if I can stand it, if I deal with the justified anger of the fans,”said 42-year-old of the”Rhine Post”.

Shepherd had with his decision to reject an early contract renewal with climber Friedhelm Funkel, In particular, the fan camp ran into a storm against the club’s announced decision to separate from the 65-year-old after the missed agreement at the end of the season. The decision was withdrawn only one day later. It is now considered likely that spark will remain F95 coach in case of class retention.

He must not be “the winner”, says shepherd to the “RP” further, “I made a mistake. I’m working on fixing it again. We want to settle the contract as soon as possible, then we talk to the team again. I don’t think there’s anything left to hang on to. We will strengthen the team and the coach’s back.”