Fox confident in the top game against Flensburg

The initial situation promises Brisanz: The foxes want Berlin, which SG Flensburg-Handewitt must. Should the SG lose the HBL’s top game on Thursday (19:00 clock), the foxes would be further away.

Trainer Velimir Petkovic’s team has four plus points ahead of the North German team, stands at the top of the table and wants to defend it with all its might.” Of course, it is our claim that we want to win the home games,”says Fox Managing Director Bob Hanning.

The Berliners play an excellent season so far. Before the duel with the third-place Flensburgers, who have completed one less game, the foxes burst with confidence. Of their twelve games so far they have lost only one, in similar strong form this season only title defender Rhein-Neckar Lions is present. The SG, on the other hand, already has two bankruptcies on the account, for the weakening record champion THW Kiel, the titles seem to have been completed after a disappointing time so far. The big chance for the foxes?

“If we beat Flensburg, anything is possible,” said backroom player Petar Nenadic. Manager Hanning speaks in the “Sports Image” even already behaving of the championship. “Sports Image” I would very much like to give the title to our fans,”the official admitted. Hanning has formed the foxes for years mainly thanks to smart personnel decisions to become a top club of the HBL. One of his most surprising chess moves last December was the permission of Coach Erlingur Richardsson, a quiet Icelander who was followed by the prominent Petkovic.

Nenadic blossoms

“I always look for something to excite the team and make it better,” Petkovic says. The 61-year-old trainer search convinces the team with clear speeches, previously weakening players such as national player Steffen Feith put Petkovic back on track. In particular, the Serb Nenadic flourishes under Petkovic. The 31-year-old is the best goal-shooter in the league. Nenadic is already being recruited by top European clubs such as Veszprem. Other fox actors such as Kevin Struck are just beginning to emerge.

The 20-year-old stands for the philosophy of the Berliners, who place great emphasis on youth work. In recent weeks, the former youth player has played so hard that he, like Fabian Wiede or Paul Drux, will be entrusted with the jump into the national team in the future. Petkovic, whose contract expires at the end of the season, is targeting players from his own offspring.

Otherwise, this would not work for the foxes either.” If Petko joins the Champions League but does not integrate our young people, his contract would not be renewable,”Hanning makes clear. Petkovic manages the gap between sporting success and focusing on his own offspring extremely well so far. How far his young team is already, will turn against the experienced Flensburger at the latest.

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