Fredi Bobic criticizes video evidence sharply

Sports director Fredi Bobic of the football league Eintracht Frankfurt has sharply criticised the use of the video proof.” I was a big supporter of the video evidence. But the way it is used is only annoying,”Bobic said in the”kicker”interview.

In remote situations, the video proof is”very easy to implement”. The decisions in hand games, on the other hand, were “arbitrary and adventurous. As an ex-pro, I put my hands together over my head,”said Bobic.

The 47-year-old holds little of a Challenge system, as is already used in tennis, hockey and American football. What’s the point? That doesn’t change the fact that eleven meters are given when the hand is shot from two meters. The decision still lies with the referee, not with the coach,”said Bobic.

Instead Bobic demands to make the rule of hand play as simple as possible:”You have to find a clear rule, as before: hand is hand when there is a clear intention that the hand goes to the ball. Unfortunately, I fear it will become even more chaotic. Then I would understand the fan when he says:’Oh, throw the whole technique back in the barrel.'”