Gensheimer remains positive: " Nevertheless, target semi-final"

The German handballers still firmly believe in their chance to make it out of the top four at the EM after the long run. We still have the goal to get to the semi-finals,”says Captain Uwe Gensheimer before leaving for Vienna.

The team looks forward to the next tournament phase starting on Thursday against Belarus.”The team is looking forward to the next tournament phase.” Even though we haven’t shown any top performance yet. Or perhaps t hat is precisely why we have Bock to show it,”Gensheimer said.

After the clear defeat against Spain (26:33), the German team had been looking for a 28:27-success against EM-newcomer Latvia on Monday evening.

“We have seen how close it is to any opponent,”Gensheimer said. As a team one was “unfortunately not yet as far, at least in this constellation, as we had imagined after the preparation”.

Against Latvia the German team had already led with seven goals before it was finally narrowed down again. We thought the bag was closed, and we went down a bit,”Gensheimer said in a self-critical way. For the whole team it would be “not bad to go to Vienna now with a little lower standards and perhaps to play with a different role and a different thought”.

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