Gisdol: Cologne is not FC Bavaria Munich

Coach Markus Gisdol of the football league 1. FC Cologne wants to see in the game at Bayer Leverkusen on Wednesday (20:30 o’clock) “Greed and readiness”.

He is not satisfied with the game against Union Berlin (1:2).” We certainly do not want to let the season slip away,”he said at a virtual press conference on Monday.

Gisdol also revealed how he wants to get the Effzeh back on track:”We must work to always call a certain level of ground. We have shown too little against the Union. That’s when I became clearer with the team. But we have good guys on the team who want to win.”

One should also consider the results realistically, Gisdol stressed:”We are still Cologne and not Bavaria Munich, who play every team on the wall.”

Cologne’s Managing Director Horst Heldt sounded the same way:”We want to get the maximum out in the last three seasons. We have an ambitious team. But we must also be realistic. We are ascenders and must evaluate the situation accordingly.”

Whether Gisdol can plan against Leverkusen with Noah Katterbach and Jan Thielmann is still open:”I want to see them again on the training ground and then we will see how they put the load away.”